House Cleaning Services Atlanta: Expectations, Etiquette, and More

House Cleaning Services Atlanta: Expectations, Etiquette, and More

It can feel like a breath of fresh air to hire house cleaning services Atlanta! You are finally investing in services that will lighten your to-do list and improve your quality of life. If this is your first time hiring a cleaning team, then you likely have questions about what to expect when the cleaners show up. At Pam and Joyce Cleaning Services, we are here to answer your questions.

Etiquette Tips for House Cleaning Services Atlanta

The best thing you can do is learn about the house cleaning industry, so you know how to support your cleaning team and receive the best services possible. These are some of the most common questions homeowners have when hiring house cleaning services Atlanta for the first time:

  • Should I tip the cleaners? Tipping opinions can vary. As a general rule of thumb, cleaning services don’t expect a gratuity. But if you are highly satisfied with the work or it is a particularly strenuous job, then a tip is always appreciated. A standard industry tip is 10 – 20%.
  • Do I need to do anything to prepare before the cleaners come? If you want the best bang of your buck, then make sure that things are cleared out of the way. For example, picking up the clutter allows the cleaning team to jump in and get to the deep cleaning right away. It speeds up the cleaning process when you don’t have random items on the counters, furniture, or other areas that need to be cleaned. The preparation depends on the type of cleaning you want: basic services or deep cleaning.
  • Should I be home when the cleaners come? It depends on your preference and the policies of your house cleaning services Atlanta. It can be beneficial for you to be out of the house so the cleaners can work without distractions. But some homeowners prefer to be home and choose to stay in another room so they aren’t in the way.
  • Will the cleaners bring products and tools? If you have preferred cleaning products, then you can request that the cleaners use those items. Our team only uses green cleaning products, so many homeowners prefer to use the products that we bring with us. Make sure that you have a vacuum cleaner or any other large tools that might be required.
  • How much will it cost? The price of house cleaning services Atlanta varies depending on the size of your home, how dirty it is, and the specific tasks that need to be completed. Most house cleaning teams charge by the hour, and multiple cleaners can come to finish the work as quickly as possible.

If you are considering house cleaning services Atlanta, the best solution is to talk to our team for a price estimate. We always customize the cleaning services based on the needs and requirements in your home. Call Pam and Joyce Cleaning Services.

To get a rough estimate of costs go to our booking page and input the number of rooms and bedrooms in your house/apartment then book your move online via the same link/page

Alternatively you can call our office at 4043829012


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