How Much Should You Pay?

How Much Should You Pay?

How much should you be paying for house cleaning prices? The price of hiring a house cleaning team can vary depending on the services that are required and the company that you hire. If you are looking to improve your quality of life, then it is worth the investment to take the stress off your plate by hiring an expert team, such as Pam and Joyce Cleaning Services. But you need to do a little research about house cleaning prices to ensure that you find the right company that fits your budget.

Factors that Affect House Cleaning Prices

The cost of house cleaning services fluctuates, depending on a variety of factors:

  • Size of Your Home: It goes without saying that a large home will cost more to clean than a small, 2-bedroom apartment. Not only will the square footage impact the overall cost of house cleaning services, but you also need to consider the areas that need to be cleaned. For example, it takes more time to deep clean a kitchen than it does to deep clean a bedroom.
  • Condition of the Rooms: The dirtier your home, the more you will pay for cleaning. If basic, general cleaning services are needed, then it takes less time to wipe everything down compared to a room that has months of grime and buildup. Homes that haven’t been cleaned in a while will require more work and cleaning supplies, which will drive up the cost of the services.
  • Messes in the Home: Certain homes are dirtier than others because of the occupants living in the home. House cleaning prices are more expensive when children or pets are living in the house because there are more messes to clean up. For example, it takes more time to clean up the pet hair or wash the food splatters off the wall.
  • Type of Cleaning: When you are comparing house cleaning prices, make sure to talk to the cleaning company about the type of services required for your home. If a basic cleaning is needed, then it doesn’t require as much elbow grease compared to a deep cleaning service. Surface cleaning is the fastest and cheapest option. Deep cleaning takes a little more time, which will naturally cost more money. Move-in or move-out cleaning tends to be the most expensive option because it requires more attention to white-glove all of the nooks and crannies.

House Cleaning Prices in Atlanta

The truth is that you can’t put a price on the peace of mind that it brings when you have a clean home. If you are considering local options for house cleaning services, then we invite you to contact our experienced team for information about the available services.

As you are looking for information about house cleaning prices in the Atlanta area, the best thing that you can do is talk to local cleaning companies. Call Pam and Joyce Cleaning Services to learn about how we can help. We will gladly provide a quote based on the requirements for your home.

To get a rough estimate of costs go to our booking page and input the number of rooms and bedrooms in your house/apartment then book your move online via the same link/page

Alternatively you can call our office at 4043829012


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